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star wars tower of defense

Star Wars Tower Defense Game Out Today

I have really been looking forward to playing this. I’m a Dark Side kind of ...

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captain marvel movie femal lead

‘Captain Marvel’ will be Marvel Studios’ first female superhero movie | The Verge

#marvel is finally giving one of its female superheroes a movie of her own. #captain ...

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Marvel civil-war

Marvel Studios announces 9 new movies through 2019

  Phase 3 is absolutely huge, with nine new films including Captain Marvel, Black Panther and ...

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Kill A Stark

New George R.R. Martin book offers “Game of Thrones” back story

  Martin’s new book, released this week, is “The World of Ice & Fire: The ...

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David Goyer

“Krypton”. New TV Show with Man of Steel Writer David Goyer

We told you Warners was developing a Supergirl TV show. It was confirmed by others. ...

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Uncomfortable reunion in latest clip from an all-new episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents Fitz and Simmons share an uncomfortable reunion in the latest clip from an all-new ...

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gotham tv series

Gotham TV Show: This Is Why It’s Worked So Well For Fox!

Gotham the TV show has worked so well because it presents the city of Gotham ...

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