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  • Richard Paul

    Avid Science Fiction & Fantasy Lover. Big fan of comics as well. Prefer the dark side to the light. That's just how I roll.
  • Ally Mookerjee

    Ally (short for Alakananda) Mookerjee is a recovering journalist, who lives in New York. She's curious about space and loves donuts, flying saucers, and lenticular clouds.
  • Rob Tipton

    Hello, readers and fellow Sci-Fi junkies! Let's begin with how it all started for me, shall we? I became hooked on science fiction at at early age. In fact, I was a 1-year old toddler that sat in awe of Star Trek in 1969. That alone set my course for the stars. From then on, any sci-fi of the day was "must see!" Everything from Space 1999, Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers serials, Planet of the Apes, Six Million Dollar Man and everything in between. Then in 1977, everything changed--yes, Star Wars. My life was forever shaped around it from that point on. The next year, a new show aired on television that would also grab a firm grip on me--Battlestar Galactica. I went from Kenner and Mattel toys to the "big boy" toys in the years that followed. I now build Star Wars and BSG prop replicas. I also maintain a good friendship with the cast members of BSG, and actively support Galacticon and other events. My love of comic books and superheroes began at age 4. I got my first Mego figures that Christmas. Batman has always been my absolute favorite! When I was 7, I began collecting comic books. I leaned heavily towards Marvel, but stayed faithful to DC by always grabbing issues of Detective Comics and Batman. By the time I was a teenager, I was "too cool" to keep reading comic books, and switched gears to guitar playing. That has stuck with me to this day. In 2003, I got back into comic books, but this time, I leaned more towards DC titles. Since then, I've evened it out. Now a retired/disabled Air Force veteran of 23 years, I have all the time I need to pursue all of my hobbies. I balance my time with comic books, prop building, costume making, writing reviews and guitar work. Life is good. It is now time for me to share that with all of you--the Scifant crowd. So, sit back, relax, grab your drink of choice and let's get to it!
  • Tyre Washington

    Hi everyone. I'm a mom, wife, and a lover of all things unreal. My first and #1 love is books. I'm always looking for new fantasy writers and novels. Over the years, I've found a few new loves- video games and anime. I'm still a noob but I look forward to exploring and maybe introducing others to a genre they may not even know they could love. Scifi is for everyone- jump in and give it a try.

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