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Viewer Reaction MashUp from Star Wars Episode VII Trailer (LOL) Video

This was just awesome!! My reaction was a but similar, but sadly or actually in hindsight, a good thing I did not record my reaction 🙂 Would have been a bit embarrassing. Enjoy!   Richard PaulAvid Science Fiction & Fantasy Lover. Big fan of comics as well. Prefer the dark side to the light. That’s just how I roll. scifant.com

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Quora Post: What do die hard Batman comic devotees think of the Dark Knight Trilogy?

Anselm Eruzen, Film Studies graduate. 435 upvotes by Abbas Halai, Chandru Gopalakrishnan, Nikhil Pingle, (more)   Been a Batman fan since forever.First off, why do people think that the character John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin? John Blake IS NOT Robin. His actual name is Robin and he takes the mantle of the bat at the end of ...

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