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Where does everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Stand at the Start of Phase 3?

Phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins this week when Captain America: Civil War is finally released. And though there hasn’t been a Marvel movie released since last year, much has changed in the universe in that time. Phase Two ended with Avengers: Age of Ultron last May, followed by Ant-Man in July. Since then new movies have been ...

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6 Ways the 3rd Captain America Movie will Fix the Original

Marvel recently announced the third Captain America movie, and online fans couldn’t be more excited if they’d announced that the third layer in a Chris Evans/Scarlett Johansson sandwich would be “You, the one commenting on forums about this right now.” Captain America: Civil War is based on one of the largest ever Marvel comics stories. This is great news for ...

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Marvel Studios announces 9 new movies through 2019

  Phase 3 is absolutely huge, with nine new films including Captain Marvel, Black Panther and a two part Avengers: Infinity War movie. Your brain just melted. During a “secret” event for fans and press today in Los Angeles at Disney’s El Capitan theater, Marvel Studios melted fans’ brains when it revealed titles and release dates for all nine Marvel Phase ...

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