Quora Post: What do die hard Batman comic devotees think of the Dark Knight Trilogy?

Anselm Eruzen, Film Studies graduate.


Been a Batman fan since forever.First off, why do people think that the character John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin? John Blake IS NOT Robin. His actual name is Robin and he takes the mantle of the bat at the end of the film. John Blake is just a nod to the character and fans who know more about the supporting characters in the Batman universe. He’s an original Nolan creation in that mould. Why would Robin’s real name be Robin, anyway?Now that that’s clear, I’ll go through what makes the trilogy so special.

The Universe:

Batman’s world is dark. Always has been. So when you approach Batman I personally think that above all, you need to get the darkness spot on. When you miss that, you lose the essence of a what makes the character thrive. Joel Schumacher got this wrong. His films were a kind of mutated version of the camp 60s television series and completely failed on what Batman should be and every level after that, especially in terms of deep characters turning into ridiculous caricatures of even their most eccentric incarnations. I really enjoyed Burton’s films because he got the darkness right. To do this, he went to gothic route. The mood was both wonderful and faithful although in the end, his creativity overshadowed his character development and story.

Nolan took the realistic route to darkness. His darkness was a gritty kind, and this both caught elements of the mood given off in the comics and enabled him to go his own route creatively. It’s always difficult to please fans, and adaptations always run the risk of alienating fans by pulling too far away from the source material, but what I absolutely love about the trilogy is that Nolan pays homage so well, while creating his own original take on the character.

Let me break down the graphic novels that lend themselves so well to the three films. Honestly, when you read these books the connections are clear.




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