Is Kylo Ren the New Darth Vader?


The latest news and rumors on “Star Wars Episode 7” hinted that the main villain, Kylo Ren, has a lot of similarities with Darth Vader in the looks department, as Chewie is grateful for the supporters of Force for Change campaign initiated by director JJ Abrams.

According to Indie Revolver, Kylo Ren’s “flared dome is reminiscent of Vader’s.” Unlike the Sith Lord, however, the main villain in “Star Wars Episode 7” wears his helmet beneath a hood just like the Emperor.

Leaked images of the helmet showed that it’s ragged and worn out but “Star Wars Episode 7” news and rumors from various sources have not explained why.

“The facemask is removable – a trait which appears to be shared by some of the Episode VII troopers – which leaves Kylo more similar in appearance to his scenes with Vader’s helmet,” Indie Revolver added.




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  1. this kylo ren on the new star wars the force awakens movie he is the most powerful sith snice darth maul from episode 1 the phantom menace plus count dooku and general griveous from episode 2 attack of the clones and revenge of the sith if i were a kylo ren i will hunt down smuggler bounty hunter and another sith to defeat and join the resistance because i love star wars its my blood my hope my destiny reach for the stars my journey must continue and please annouce the title for star wars episode 8 on may 26 2017 may the force be with you

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