Holy crap, this Doctor Doom figure is magnificent

Dr Doom Figure

You’d think a Doctor Doom figure wouldn’t be hard to get wrong – armour, mask, slap a cape on, done – but it’s still remarkable when a Toy company manages to get Latveria’s finest not just right, but pretty much perfect like 3A have.

This 1/6 scale Doom is gorgeous – the detailing is amazing, and he even has LED’s in his body and helmet to give him a neat glow, and even better painted than the prototype they had at this year’s New York Toy Fair. 3A will be putting out three Doctor Dooms (their second figure with the Marvel license) – the ‘classic’ shown above, a ‘stealth’ Doom with dark grey armour and a black cloak, and the brilliantly funky ‘ghost’ Doom, all white with gold detailing.




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