Holy Cow! Batman vs Superman Hits Record $82 Million Opening

batman vs superman 82 million

Two legendary superheroes wage a slam-bang battle in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but the biggest beating administered in its debut Friday was to the critics. Zack Snyder‘s PG-13-rated action epic zoomed to a record $82 million in its first day of U.S. release at the U.S. box office for Warner Bros..

That put “Batman v Superman,” which stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, on pace to deliver a record-breaking $170 million over the three days for Warner Bros. and defy searing reviews, while successfully launching the lynch-pin film in the studio’s ambitious five-year, 10-movie strategy built around the DC Comics superheroes.


We had a feeling this movie would do well, but we did not expect such a huge opening. It obviously won’t beat the latest Star Wars, but this is great news for DC Comics.



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