If you were asked to direct Batman 4, what would the plot be?

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If people were asked to direct Batman 4, what would the plot be?

Let’s imagine you are the director for the next Batman movie. You can either reboot the franchise, make JGL your lead act or bring the whole cast back.

For me I would bring everyone back at set the movie maybe 2-3 years after TDKR. Gotham is in good hands with Robin patrolling the city but the Mafia has come back with a vengeance. Gordon would have been fired for his cover-up of the crimes of Harvey Dent. And Bruce and Selina are still in hiding somewhere in Europe. Then a rash of murders start to occur coinciding with the holidays. The first to go will be Gordon, followed by politicians, cops, and criminals that all occur on a holiday. Gordon’s death galvanizes Batman to come out of hiding and assist in the investigation. When Robin is killed later in the movie Batman realizes he has a much more sinister enemy than he has ever dealt with. The antagonist and most obvious suspect would be the Riddler but the real killer will be someone working closely with the GCPD to help solve the case, a Dr. Hugo Strange.

I think the Batman story needs to go back to the film noir murder/mystery that was missing in Nolan’s films.



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